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Finally everyone seems to be taking these exams seriously. Finally it doesn't seem like i'm the only one who's working. Before i might have looked forward to this, but in actual fact, everybody getting stressed out is making me even more stressed out.
I guess what i've gotta keep in mind is the big fat holiday i've got at the end of all this. yey, the sun, the surf and the s..
I comprised a list of things i'm pissed off with at the moment, to try and release some tension, but it hasn't worked so far. I tried talking to people, but in doing so only proved to myself that I was right in thinking nobody else gives a fuck, not even my friends. Not that i expect them to drop everything to help me, and i know that they won't appreciate me whinging all the time. I think i'm probably making a mountain out of a mole hill with just about all of my problems. They have their own to deal with. I shouldn't bother them so much i guess.
Gr. I'm now pissed off @ myself for acting all depressed. No, depressed is the wrong word. Sadness and depression are two very different things that often get confused. I'm just sad.
But i'll get over it. In fact, I bet even in an hour or so my mood could have changed entirely. Thats just how i am. Its a woman's porogative (spelt wrong).
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