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Really, today I will try

Every1 seems 2b pissed off about something at the minute, so i've figured that so long as i quit begging for sympathy, stuffs gonna get better soon.
I really wish that these exams would hurry up coz this revision stuff is really boring. Its like pip said, its not oo bad the first time, but going over it again is enough to put some people into a coma!
Laura is with me. I can hear her frantic typing. its quite funny actually, coz it sounds like i do when i'm just bashing random keys.
Anyway, this is rambling on so i'd better go to french.
Hope y'alls cheer up, and sorry for being mopey.
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u mopey(incredulously)? never
i finished school 2day, xcept i have 2 go bac 4 french
plan on getting very drunk on samedi
great now im typing in francais
well cya
I know how u feel. Look @ me - last year i did spanish, this year i do french and german - talk about confusing! Anyway, i am no longer mopey. I am chipper (!?).
Ooh, if dave is in the vacinity, tell him to write in his journal and look in bolt. tell him i feel neglected (jk)!
Au revoir!
Auf Weidersehen!