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yey, all gone

hoorah, exams all over now! geography's over, now we've got english. which is just great. coz our teacher is a worthless pile of shite. that'd be from me and emma, though i can't speak for alison and ham, who are also here.
apparently their teacher is equally crap.
great, we're all screwed.
grrrrrr (from emma)

YAY! is spelt like this faye!
HAHAHAHA u got it wrong

and that was a yay coz geography is over.
but then there is a grrrrr!!!! because english lit is next

oh and for all those worried people out there i found my anthology so u can stop running around looking for it now! twas in a big pile of mess on my desk. that calls for another YAY!!!!

THANKYOU HAm, i can sleep again.

emm.. better go revise. try and make up for the last two years in which i haven't actually learnt anything in the goddamn lessons!

oh, and hope mat didn't collapse due to coronary heart failure having had to include case studies in the exam! and due to massive amounts of stress me losing my anthology must of caused him :p
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