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oh no

so... french in half an hour, and what am i doing? writing on my journal, bien sur.
oh well, i suppose its better than stressing. actually thats a fairly good point. what is the point is stressing over something we just have to do? unless you're stupid and u don't wanna turn up, the exam has to be done, so the best thing to do is just grin, bear it and get on with it.
but me and ruthie had a fairly intelligent (?!?) idea last night. we should make a pact not to talk about the maths exam when its finished. coz if someone says they got one answer and everybody else got another one, then they're gonna feel like shit. so are we agreed? don't talk about specific answers when they're done. its not gonna make things easier by talking.
oh well, i'd better go find ham and do this exam. at the end of the day, in the greater scheme of things, these exams are not the most important thing. trying your best, and not regretting the past, that's what's important.
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