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wow, my first entry

Sorry and all that for my first entry I can't be all chirpy. Just at the moment I feel a bit down. Its like I'm always looking in at what other people are doing and usually not being a part of it. Not such a bad thing, you may think, but its weird coz i've never had a reason to feel like this before. I don't know. Maybe I'm not missing out on what people are doing. Maybe they dont have some big social life that i'm unaware of. Or maybe its that they think my social life is too busy for them to fit into. If that the case then they're wrong.
But i suppose i should be happy. I mean, I know in myself that what I do is worthwhile, and i am usually happy. And i seem to be one of the only people at the minute who are more than content with their love life. So yeah, I guess I am lucky. I'll stop whinging now.
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May 8 2001, 04:14:42 UTC 16 years ago

i care

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May 8 2001, 11:11:59 UTC 16 years ago

Wow one person cares u must feel so privileged


May 8 2001, 11:48:57 UTC 16 years ago

bloody hell! Aren't we sure of ourselves?! It just might be that u were right the first time and that there is a whole social scene going on that you are not included in because you are too damned self obsessed to be pleasant company to anyone. It might help you to know that by sustaining a conversation about someone else and their problems instead of you and yours for a while might just be the key to this little problem and perhaps make you more likeable (although that would be a long shot). So try listening to what other people have to say for once instead of dismissing it as nothing and insisting on talking about you (and any subject of conversation has to be better than that). So go back to pre-school and learn how to have a conversation where both people speak.
ok. so now i'm not even allowed toexpress my thoughts on live journal? what is this? some kind of new law that you just made up whereby i cant have problems?what would you know? i do care about other people, its just it would seem evident that i'm misguided if i think people care so much about me!
thanx for the therapy by the way, this all new self-exploration isgreat.
People get like that here, i had some lass leave me realy nasty notes when i was realy down, then it turned out that she knew my boyfriend and my bestfriend and had been trying to get them to tell me to piss off as she thought i was a bitch just going on what my diary said. Some people realy need to get a life, and realy need to be egnored
Thanx for that. I guess i didn't really expect people who hate me so much to bother reading my journal! Some people are strange...
Anyway, I saw from your bio that ur wiccan! Me too,'cept I'm on;y just starting. My mother was wiccan too, so I'm picking it up from her. I thought about joining a coven, but seeing as i'm not aware of any in Newcastle I've resorted to hedgewitchery. Are you part of a coven? You don't have to reply, I know you dont even know who I am, I'm just interested. I need to find out more about this stuff so that I can make my own mind up about it.
Thanx again for being so nice!
Yeah people are realy odd with these journals at times, i had loads of hassle with my last journal.
Wow i wish my mum was wiccan, she doesnt give me any hassle about it anymore but it is still a bit funny as i havent sat her down and told her what it is all about yet, she is still a bit concerned i think.
No i'm not in a coven, most covens are funny about taking people under 18, i have just turned 18 so i am going to one of the moots this month to try and find someone who will be willing to let me go and see what a coven is like.
Most pagans and wiccans in Newcastle are hereditary(is that the spelling?), you know like familys that go back for years and keep themselfs to themselfs. I think most wiccans in the area are newish, or at least from what i have heard.
I know what you mean. Most people think that i'm in it for the scene, which is odd. And even if they do take you seriously, I think some people would be worried about letting someone my age (16) into that stuff.
Oh well, I think i'll just carry on my little way of going about wicca on my own. Plus that way I can do what I want.
Lol. I've just got the strangest look off boxit. He's sitting like, across the room from me and I think he's grinning coz i'm bashing away at these keys so frantically. hehehehehehehehe
Yeah people still think i am in it for the scene dispite the fact i have been pagan for about 11 years now. You get alot of people like that, although you cant realy blame them as there are alot of sabrina the teenage witch wannabes out there, i have met alot of people like that it they are totaly shocked when you tell them it is a religion and that it has practicaly nothing to do with spell casting. Oh well, one day we will both be old enough to be taken seriousley.
Is Boxit actualy doing work? does he ever? well i guess he must be working today as he isnt online.
Oh well.....

wow, didn't know u were the victim of such bitchiness
and as 4 the bitchy people, get a life