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wow, my first entry

Sorry and all that for my first entry I can't be all chirpy. Just at the moment I feel a bit down. Its like I'm always looking in at what other people are doing and usually not being a part of it. Not such a bad thing, you may think, but its weird coz i've never had a reason to feel like this before. I don't know. Maybe I'm not missing out on what people are doing. Maybe they dont have some big social life that i'm unaware of. Or maybe its that they think my social life is too busy for them to fit into. If that the case then they're wrong.
But i suppose i should be happy. I mean, I know in myself that what I do is worthwhile, and i am usually happy. And i seem to be one of the only people at the minute who are more than content with their love life. So yeah, I guess I am lucky. I'll stop whinging now.
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